Mood dictated behaviour especially negativity and recalcitrant coldness, is bad policy unless sincere and sustainable. If not, it erodes how one is perceived, reducing trust and optimism about capable / responsible / worthwhile receptacle for future moments i.e. can’t be relied on to keep things safe.

Freud and Jung much misunderstood, invented contention, Jung breakthrough essay on the collective unconscious with its religious claims, spent the rest of his career trying to retreat from this mystic hyperbole but so gradually nobody would notice (Jung’s own ego not least).

Collective unconscious – weight of numbers argument – to suggest the mystical by dint of how many experience something ‘feeling’ transcendent, the incomplete but convincing evidence the subconscious is far greater than the conscious mind – therefore God! But we’re all cut from the same cloth, starting with the same functional algorithms, small wonder millions share meta-experience as the brain pattern recognises to its very core. Plus our egomania is the stuff of survival, making the best of conditions to keep life alive and brain sane. Small wonder the invention of divinity when hope springs eternal in the deep well of individual thought.

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Most people are passive, towing the party line of their tribe, blind to its hypocrisy. This feels anti-individual and often it's false. Ubercynics try not to act tribal. Ubercynics try to be honest. Ubercynics alienate, but at least they're not hypocrites.

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