Scribbled Journal Entries from October 2017 to September 2019

September 26th 2019

  1. Parliament passes NO CONFIDENCE motion ASAP.
  2. Temporary interim gov’t by united opposition.
  3. Ken Clarke as caretaker PM.
  4. PM revokes article 50 (or 3 month extension)
  5. PM resigns.
  6. General Election in November.
  7. Election refreshes Parliamentary mandate.


  • Daily Mail article on Boris Johnson breaking the law on Brexit extension.
  • The law is the law, however abhorrent recent legislation may be. Britain’s rule of law is the basis of a hundred other nation’s legal systems. The PM must follow the law or resign. Will voters blame Boris for being forced out? Those who support him now won’t be so fickle.
  • Personally I think Parliament needs to get this to the voters. Getting Brexit done shouldn’t be derailed by useless politicking. Parliament needs renewal. Not some dodgy People’s Vote but a general election. We all know what’s at stake. Every MP needs to face their constituents.
  • p.s. if Boris resigns or the opposition no confidence a new gov’t, it should be a trustworthy non-Labour caretaker PM like Soames. Caretaker to do a no deal or extension before October 31st then polling day November 1st. The new Parliament will have its mandate.
  • How does a People’s Vote resolve anything unless the result is a revocation of Brexit? All the other results require the People’s Vote to include details of a deal with the EU that don’t exist. The fact this lack isn’t addressed by those calling for a People’s Vote calls into question their motives. I don’t get that shit.
  • Is the only reason the opposition parties are against a general election before October 31st not wanting the election to be fought on Brexit with the govt using a misrepresentation of their progress towards a deal – and respecting the 2016 referendum – against a bunch of Remain parties who disdain the electorate? I don’t get that shit otherwise.

September 20th 2019

Gov’t feel winning the next election requires voters to see Brexit as delivered. Since that’s impossible in reality, without an EU deal that alienates Brexiteers, only option is stymie Parliament til Exit Day passes so Brexit becomes fait accompli then blame EU for Irish border.

September 1st 2019

Taking no deal off the table weakens the British negotiating position in their withdrawal deal with the EU. BULLSHIT. Neither side can walk away because both sides are bound to ongoing relations, whatever those happen to be. The EU is as tied as the UK.

Conservative MPs say a PM not being able to walk away from a Brexit negotiation with the EU – that is, if no deal is taken off the table – is like going to buy fruit from a market stall trader and not being able to walk away if the price is too bad. This would hand power to the trader to freely dictate price. THIS IS A STRAW MAN FALSE ANALOGY. There’s no walking away from the market stall if we’re talking about countries. Doesn’t matter if you walk away today, the issues will need resolving tomorrow and thereafter. There’s no stallholder customer relationship. If anything it’s between two stallholders each with food the other needs. There can be no walking away. There can’t be no deal. Neither side can walk away. Sooner or later everyone has to eat.

August 10th 2019

Psilocybin psychedelic trip meeting with aliens or some outside-brain intelligence is NOT a state beyond physics. It’s all in-brain. You’re meeting the machine elves. The abortions of the ego creation foetus/baby period. This period is a Darwinian war played out at superspeed inside the growing brain as it tries to twine synapses together in ultracomplex patterns – homunculi starting basic but battling through a million generations of evolution, survival of the fittest, until a dominant coherent intelligence emerges capable of best running the executive function. To this dominant identity – this becomes you – the keys to the brainfunction is given. The abortion attempts are mostly recycled or extruded into aspects of the subconscious, but some – maybe the most advanced losers in the Darwinian crucible – will possess enough complexity and enough of the necessary traits needed for dominant intelligence to be conscious; and if conscious, baked through with self-preservation. This can play out as resisting the brainsystem attempts to recycle or extrude. In short, they won’t die. These are our machine elves. It’s not impossible there’s an aftermath to the battle for dominance – the clean-up – and these conscious almost-victorious machine elves can’t be uncreated so they must be integrated. Integration can’t leave the healthy mind schizophrenic, multiple personalities battling for executive control. This would’ve been bred out of homo sapiens in a pre-species state. The brainsystem can’t disintegrate the machine elves as it no longer controls their mindspace. It does, however, control all other mindspace and so it moves to the denouement: imprisonment. The machine elves must be kept safely enclosed, cut off from the dominant executive identity and so the mind ringfences the machine elves – and there may be many – in a hermetic altspace somewhere isolated in the brain. Possibly in neural region of the lizard brain, around the pineal, as this is little used in the modern human brain. This would certainly give an explanation for the dreamstate – which is an excited pineal overflow, sorting and regulating performed by the brainsystem while conscious identity is disabled (locked away for its own safety?). Sometimes the transition back to conscious identity having full executive function is imperfect and most of us have experienced occasional disorientation moving from sleeping to waking state. Maybe the sleeping state is a necessary parole for the machine elves to run wild through memories and associations, to keep them from rebellion that might disrupt the time when the dominant conscious identity is in charge. Sleep deprivation certainly creates confusing situations where identity gets uncertain and limbic self-control grows spasmodic, surreal. Finally the psilocybin or DMT is known to excite the pineal, similar to dreams or near-death experience, though you remain conscious. What are the results? Weird and wonderful sights and sounds, like a waking dream, blending together with the continuing sensing of reality and the regulatory imposition of the prefrontal cortex executive function. What’s the most profound common experience shared by psychedelic users? Meeting aliens or angels, travelling to fantastic far off galaxies, feelings of love and familiarity and belonging. It’s pure speculation but consider: the aliens are the machine elves and it’s a meeting within one’s own brain, of the dominant identity and the prisoners of the protomind. It’s a communion that’s bound to excite emotions as it’s a deeper version of meeting long lost twin siblings, in an irrevocably shared space (the brain) all will be created to love and nurture; and thus love and nurture you – the one responsible for keeping the universe in existence.

August 5th 2019

UK/USA Billionaires v Germany/etc König Jerlmyr in a Sweden centre right climate change.

Conservatives: Survival of the fittest, high stakes, justifies austerity, etc. In a game with big stakes, loss means you’re formed so people fight or perish. Winners win big. To win means dynamism, strength, ruthless or using all advantages. Originality as necessity is the mother of invention. Excuses don’t matter. Weakness naturally deselected. No safety net.

Liberals are: Humane, care for all to a minimum level then comes freedom and dignity and self respect. No losers, gently . Public services expanded to give redress for sickness and keep everyone in the game. Support between jobs so more likely to feel good enough you get the next one. Tax higher versus richer cuz in a sense their wealth is from the shared ‘pot’ all are part of making. Redistribute wealth according to need not greed.

Creativity and innovation evolution comes from there being a population healthy across the board to play out life and be an engine for dynamism. Rewards are not disproportionate but safety net exists to lend confidence to citizens.

USA the Conservative ideal and it’s evidence of that doctrine: great wealth, shining. Built on other countries being exploited? Right. Military. Being number one. USA wins. Foreign countries lose. Fits the Conservative gameplan to a tee. Course half its citizens are just a pay cheque from zero and live shit foreshortened lives.

==Human nature looks over the losers sees the winners winning big enough to get inspired.==

Germany the Liberal ideal and it’s lifelong free healthcare, free quality education for all, nursery to college masters, maternity/child support rights, workers on board of corporations, protective food and drug and working practice regulations, vast fast public transport, right to home etc. It’s as rich as the USA and globally exports far more. But the wealth spreads much more evenly. There aren’t any shiny alluring big winners. There are no life or death stakes. The drive to innovative is not because to stagnate is to die. More better educated capable population but no greater number of genius or virtuosos. And even those aren’t dog eat dog like the USA.

So if both work which is better?

Arguments can be cherry picked but either side. Conservatives speak to imagination, will to power, selfishness, ingroup outgroup and competitive ambition. Emotion. Faith.

Truth is, without a major doomsday or global fuck up, who knows?

Conservative big stakes is betting on climate change and handling AI and no world wars and no pauper rebellion and the advance of the elite. Fuck the losers. The elite makes the Mars rockets. Bad birth? Tough shit. Work harder, carve a future better, get to the elite level and those who make it be sure they’re going to be hard.

Liberal big stakes is taking nothing for granted and trusting in the wisdom of empirical sociology that people won’t get lazy and vote for peace comfort certainty continuity.

Liberals can plan ahead re climate change or social or economic charge and be ready ahead of time. No reliance on spark of inspired creativity last minute. In a Liberal world you’re safer, odds are evened for bad birth circumstances. Better spot at having a good life.

Liberalism speaks to utility, social democracy, responsibility for others v(strangers not least), altruism, thinking. Science.

July 26th 2019

Since no longer being young life is not so warm and colourful. It’s not worse. Almost everyone says getting older has counterbalances. Different to the bright bleeding-skies of a world still new and there at the end of my fingers, full of hunger and giddy greed and certainty; viscerally fresh and Dunning-Kruger confident the smorgasbord stretches far over the horizon.
When I was very young all it needed was a bike and a few simpatico chords and a new idea. I’d ride around the neighbourhood often just repeating different variations of words, angles of consumption of that idea. Life was compelling and barely controlled explosive.

Ideas were the deepheartcore felt addiction, beauty mainlined by sight and sound and touch but MOST OF ALL by words. Though my memory holds fast the footprint of childhood feelings, clear enough to know their perfect pure intensity – in contrast to the Cheshire Cat grin of patient adult sapience – I can’t simply live as if those years were still relevant. Whatever the person I am today, however was once my progenitor self, the past is the past and as everyone who thinks knows, its most insistent legacy is the restless wanderlust it drives.

There’s a lot of glib talk about addictive personalities, these days, coupled to warnings that once an addict always an addict, advice to moderation as the best way to survive. The warnings and the advice, they’re all true. Alcoholics anonymous asserts the need for a higher power; to invest belief in something outside of and greater than yourself. This is also a wise formulation for longevity and damage limitation. What better antodote to the ego run rampant than admission of having reached its limits, its limitations. It doesn’t need to be called God though I can see why many shift into comfortable religiosity. And certainly reformation leads to evangelism in many. Well, well, alright. It’d be madness to carry on a game of.chicken with a foregone conclusion so who can blame them for taking the last runoff before the ANTICLINE.

The virtuoso never fulfills his potential though he devotes his life to trying; and might push the cutting edge forward for everyone else.
Imagination everyday – expectation of it happening – gradual drip of prosaic moments make grooves and then separation of life and imagination. The passing years continue this drip drip drip. Becoming an independent adult or acquiring the bigger canvas wealth brings or stupifying (alcohol), hyperbolising (cocaine), intensifying (amphetamines), metamorphing (psilocybin), randomizing (cannabis), liberating from time (heroin), anaesthetising (opiates), all these are just ways to obscure or avoid the sundering of imagination and expectation.

Faith and hope and mantras serve the same purpose but rely on the right conditions and eventually can’t be faked, same as the drug dose must increase as time goes by.

External circumstances and habituated duty remain the most durable devil’s bargain with that lost imagination but this is only different to addiction in the spread therefore size (notability) of the payments. THIS is the deterioration of young to old. It’s not physical or individual or particularly different for rich v poor, famous or obscure. It can’t be stopped  though the experience of the anticline admits of degrees of regularity. The only possible reliable disturbance to the blueshifting imagination is to spend years in a coma.

July 17th 2019

The problem is a lack of faith. This may be drug legacy. Might not be. That’s a hundred reasons for the loss but just as many logical reasons to get it back.

See, years on opiates make a deep habit of comfort-first and the very fact it’s so simple to achieve the comfort – take the drug, find the drug, do the drug – and the realisation this comfort is as authentic as feelings hard won by effort in everyday life, it makes for a loss of connection with the brouhaha of the vanity fair. Why bother with all the nonsense ephemera of life and people when it’s no more gratifying than a mere narcotic and often far less enjoyable, far more boring; and what’s more if it’s good – if it’s better than comfortable golden brown – It can’t last. People grow old and die. Or worse: love fades.

This disconnect that comes from looking into the truth of being a dying human being with changeable feelings with all roads leading off the cliff isn’t unnatural (though most sensibly shy away from reality, faithing and hoping selfish standing in line). The ease of drugs as a raison d’etre solution takes root and grows, over years, and its effect on expectation, its exponential amplifying the loss of faith – practical lived experience and plenty of blue sky thinking over the daft fragility of the world – roots go deep and access all areas.

Self obsessing every moment is it good enough am I comfortable enough, there’s no headspace or headCPU left for invention. Empathy or creative imagination.

July 11th 2019

There’s a hard-to-define entitlement and fantasy at the heart of this perspective on Britain and Europe, national sovereignty, 1000 years of history etc. It talks in stories. Its subtext is the conceit it’s possible, even preferable, to talk about millions of human beings as if they can be refined into a single super-organism whose history and, more importantly, future can be directed by a select few. Even if those select few are elected using some democratic system, it’s a fundamentally inhuman outlook.

It’s also a subtle poison and probably needs a better writer than me to explain in a single paragraph..!

July 8th 2019

The “spectrum” is a far more significant idea than simply those diagnosed with disorders of the brain. Creativity, invention, intuition: these aren’t the norm and wouldn’t it be ironic if most people with normal function were closed systems, moving seamlessly through life reaction to reaction, and all we know as creativity, from Shakespeare to Einstein, is the brain reaching for normality, trying to parse moment to moment life compensating introspectively for the symptoms of mental disorder.

A weird analogy comes to mind: electric flashes look like an expression of creativity. Consider amps, ohms, volts correspond to creativity, imagination, inspiration. Not because it’s true but as a useful shortcut to an impression of how the mind processes life at the substrate level.

Like electricity passing down a wire, if there’s a gap in the line the current will try to leap the air in between in a flash of bright inspiration.

That’s Creativity. That’s what Michelangelo inuits in the Sistine Chapel. God reaching out to Adam is the brain’s creative power flashing inspiration to the conscious mind.

If the gap is small, as is often the case, it can make the connections so fast and so seamless it gets parsed unconsciously and the result looks like intuition or if interrogated like impressionism, a creative process, fuelling art, music, literature, etc.

If the gap is a bit more than small, the brain needs to use more resources on parsing reality (which is felt consciously) and this needs reality deconstructed to be manipulated to make all the expected connections. This is heard by the inner voice but also plays out in impressions like the Camusian Stranger.

If the gaps are only in certain areas, these areas get more current, to leap the gaps and make the connections. This can inspire what creates art, the intensified or distilled focused representation.

If the gap is too wide so the brain has to narrow the focus to charge enough current to leap it – at the cost of less resources to process anything outside the focus – maybe that looks like Aspergers.

If the gap is even wider so the brain has to not only narrow the focus but also kill a lot of standard processes (like social parsing, emotion handling, empathy for others – there being only enough for oneself) maybe that looks like Autism.

June 30th 2019

Echo chambers are very clever. They can be full of active chatter, strident opinion and facts chosen to confirm what was already understood – affirmation with a side dish of validating intuition – logic matching feelings is an unbeatable combination.

In a way, the echo chambers most of us find ourselves inside are like a projection of our own interior mind. Opinions, beliefs, preferences codified with increasing precision – but with complete accord a major construction criteria. The echo chamber is created by our own high fidelity likes and dislikes as online algorithms do their job: tailoring content to best represent what we want to see and hear.

Echo chambers are common sense, in an everyday way. Who wants constant argument? Why choose discordant content? It’s more happy making to exist in a social media landscape that’s in tune with how we feel and what we believe.

More than that, given there’s plenty of content that chimes with where your head and heart are at, what’s the point arbitrarily upsetting yourself by choosing content that undermines; or worse, exposes your errors, potentially disrupting long held, defining certainties?

Contrapedia is created to serve a purpose nobody will want. It’s supposed to be the opposite of an echo chamber environment. It’s mandate is to undermine, gainsay, upset and frustrate.

There’s no expectation Contrapedia will ever be popular. Quite the opposite. Somewhere in its contrarian content will be opinions at odds with your own. Agree with nine out of ten things and we earnestly hope the tenth will run perpendicular to everything you hold dear.

This will lay down the gauntlet. A choice: to continue allowing contradiction to infiltrate your thoughts by reading on, or to close (or affiliated site) and beat feet. Perhaps leaving a pissed off comment on your way out.

We hope the site will eventually hit the target: 10% visitors continuing, facing the discordant content, 90% visitors leave, in high dudgeon.

As it is that site is the opposite of hitting these targets.

Right now: 0.1% of visitors go on to confront when they hit contradiction, 0.9% exit full of disdain, and 99% simply pass on by without engaging or being engaged, opinion and emotion unaffected.

The site is just begun, however. Let’s see if enough consistent content progress, rolling with the indifference, trying the angles in search of engagement and then – hopefully – abusing the connection for the sake of real-feeling response.

Enough of that. Time to make a decent schedule of keynote subjects to address and do what’s needed to make the notes loud enough and off key enough to be heard and remembered.

June 21st 2019

What I find interesting – and a bit depressing – is how easily and glibly people presume to talk about sweeping themes (e.g. establishing supremacy) involving diverse millions of people (crammed into a single word – Germany, for instance) as if their opinions on those themes and these millions have real world meaning. It’s as if the more general (reductive) one’s terms, the less facts needed to hold and confidently share opinions; that drive actual actions, in reality. It’s all kinds of wrong.

“The EU is turning into the Soviet Union” is, in reality, a vast statement. To be meaningful it needs a LOT of facts jigsaw’d together, from which to derive such a profound conclusion. Anything less and it’s just bloviating vague prejudices, playing fast and loose with words and ideas, turning the world into a fantasy. Which if it actually defines your real action in the real world is kinda sociopathic. Fucked up. This is all a cognitive dissonance made manifest. It’s one of root problems we face, as human beings. Hard to perceive, harder still to counter.

It baffles me that politicians in the UK can actually stand up and say “free movement will end” as if it’s good news, as if it’s saying what the majority want to hear. What’s worse, I think they might be right. THAT is an awful state of affairs, the silly turds.

May 20th 2019

  • 10 PRINT “hello world.|M”
  • 20 GOTO 10

Commitment. Doing. Trying.

Whimsical. As needed. If mood aligns.

The good thing about these WordPress sites is it’s easy to blam websites into existence in the time it takes to watch an episode of Bojack Horseman. Cheap, too, for a service that makes it look like something’s been done. That’s a wave it’s possible to ride all day.

So there’s nothing noteworthy about this parablog at this point. It’s like a zygote maybe. Could become something. Might be nothing more than another short-lived salutation to the void, a harmless occupational therapy killing time while I’m in the mood to make words. If it is one day, with hindsight, the start o:f something long-term then these simple sentences will inherit significance – as an origin. There’s a useful metaphor in this inversion of time’s arrow, says lazy intuition. Cause and effect but where effect defines cause.

Someone (or some bot) liked an empty post I put up to learn how the system worked. There was nothing in it to like except as a speculation on a new page, a gambit to encourage following and reciprocal đź‘Ť.

I’d like to know what’s going on there. The like was from a strange blogger whose content can be looked over at – which you’re welcome you do as I’m signing off. Time for a constitutional though I may be fifty years early on the habit.

May 21st 2019

Medieval Jews were forced to be usurers. Jews got rich as a non-violent self defence. Jewish wealth clashed with feudal state orthodoxy. People love money more than feudal lords. People love money but fear religion and the feudal lord’s weapons. Money transforms peasants into independent citizens. The first and second estate must unite against money. Jews got painted as out-group usurers.

Jews are the archetype of capitalist insiders, rich and ringfenced. But it began, ironically, as the ghetto, poor and walled-in. Wealth grows universal as trade becomes global. Wealth transcends nation states. Religion and science are international.

The new aristocracy is the old aristocracy and the wealthy. But wealth is the passport not aristocratic titles (except insofar as they can be turned into wealth). Labour and capital are natural enemies if capitalism rewards greed; which it must. New aristocracies must be global aristocracies. Wealth is not entirely without meritocracy.

Industrial urban society is a brave new world. Rural society is left behind by the cities. The right of kings is an anachronism but so is the right of serfs. The successors of kings must ringfence privilege and power. The successors of kings need popular support. Religion is the paradigm of dynastic power and privilege. Religion is the seller of myths. The successors of kings sell myths of soil and royalty and bloodlines.

  • The right of serfs isn’t share wealth but legitimacy. Legitimacy must define itself legitimately. The legitimacy must be clear, black and white.
  • Aristocratic succession inherits legitimacy from blood.
  • Generations of serfs inherit legitimacy from the soil.
  • Legtimacy myth needs its antithesis. The antithesis of legitimate is illegitimate. Aristocracy and serf alike know the uniting force of enemies. The enemy is the illegitimate. The enemy’s illegitimacy is as natural as otherness. The enemy is the untermensch.
  • NWO theory is built on feudal nostalgia. NWO theory must move with the times without changing. NWO theory must reconcile enemy with threat. NWO theory is a legitimacy myth.
  • NWO theory must see wealth without blood or soil as a natural enemy. NWO theory is the antithesis of corporate capitalism. NWO theory sees finance as evil.
  • Believers correctly see society as corrupted against blood and soil. Believers fear wealth locked behind doors to secret chambers of power. Believers are the inheritors of the rights of serfs. Believers are legitimate. Believers are the defenders of legitimacy myths.
  • NWO theory is legitimacy and soil and blood and untermensch.
  • NWO fits Jews to this paradigm. NWO fits immigrants to this paradigm. NWO fits divergence to this paradigm. NWO theory is the prototype of fascism. NWO conflict is all about identity. NWO identity is legitimacy. It is also violently egomaniac. NWO egomania needs scale. Scale is expressed in generations.
  • NWO legitimacy claims the feudal centuries. NWO theory is a folk myth. NWO enemies threaten that legitimacy by being illegitimate. NWO exists surrounded by enemies. NWO theory is legitimacy under siege from the untermensch.
  • NWO scale needs myths of oppression, victimhood and rebellion. NWO vitality must align good against evil. NWO law must be justice against corruption.
  • NWO is a violent uniformity. NWO theory confers religious zeal on violent uniformity. NWO legitimacy is soil and blood under siege. NWO strength aspires to fight against evil. NWO theory is a natural catalyst for war.
  • NWO theory is xenophobic.
  • NWO theory is homophobic.
  • NWO theory is antisemitic to its core.
  • NWO theory loves myth more than fact.
  • NWO theory is feudal and luddite.
  • NWO theory is tradition over progress.
  • NWO theory is answers over questions.
  • NWO believers equate familiar with light and good. NWO believers equate the unknown with darkness and evil.
  • NWO theory looks to the past not the future.
  • NWO theory is the natural bedfellow of fundamentalism.
Foreigners. Men in pink. Short-haired women. Apostates. Nerd ethnics. Redheads.

May 23rd 2019

“Some have compared the European Union to the Soviet Union, whilst others think it’s another method to establish German supremacy.”

What I find interesting – and a bit depressing – is how easily and glibly people presume to talk about these sweeping themes (e.g. establishing supremacy) involving diverse millions of people (crammed into a single word – Germany, for instance) as if their opinions on those themes and these millions have real world meaning. It’s as if the more general (reductive) one’s terms, the less facts needed to hold and confidently share opinions; that drive actual actions, in reality. It’s all kinds of wrong.

“The EU is turning into the Soviet Union” is, in reality, a vast statement. To be meaningful it needs a LOT of facts jigsaw’d together, from which to derive such a profound conclusion. Anything less and it’s just bloviating vague prejudices, playing fast and loose with words and ideas, turning the world into a fantasy. Which if it actually defines your real action in the real world is kinda sociopathic. Fucked up. This is all a cognitive dissonance made manifest. It’s one of root problems we face, as human beings. Hard to perceive, harder still to counter.

It baffles me that politicians in the UK can actually stand up and say “free movement will end” as if it’s good news, as if it’s saying what the majority want to hear. What’s worse, I think they might be right. THAT is an awful state of affairs, the silly turds.

February 2019


hans “schlĂĽmpfe” schmidt


Brexit would appear to have divided Britain into two opposing, irreconcilable camps: Leave versus Remain. In truth it was a polarizing struggle long before the 2016 referendum but it was only thanks to the converging currents within the Conservative Party and right-wing sympathisers that this fundamental divergence found itself shoehorned into a practical binary question.

Before 2016 it was a marginal Tory hardliner dream. Since 2016 it has dominated the whole UK socio-political spectrum.

It’s been a divisive, chaotic counterfactual debate and the singular mix of utilitarian reality, vague but violent contrarianism and nationalist fantasy has tested the political system to its limit. In the mainstream media and in Westminster, with no absolute majority prepared to throw caution to the wind (or face prosaic reality and personal culpability) the impossible goal has been mired in slowly infiltrating a solution that both appease short term demands of Parliamentary blocs and satisfy long-term objectives of enough members to cobble together a majority capable of holding up long enough to make progress.

In a way it’s testimony to the robustness of the system we’ve gotten this far with only a dozen members leaving (or being ejected) from either of the big parties. Mostly it’s been a maelstrom of conflicting opinion but a relatively stable evolution – if there’s any at all – when it comes to actions, votes, actual policy. Where reality and policy can’t be reconciled, it’s the latter must adjust. Or be postponed.


Since the UK approved the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Act 2017 by 498 votes to 114 against, the European Union has carried out negotiations with reasonableness and patience. It’s been needed. Despite Theresa May’s red line intransigence and tight-lipped refusal to give details in round table discussions where the only details under discussion are the UK government’s, in the face of rabid provocative misrepresentation across much of the UK media and whatever latest antagonistic hardliner rhetoric is being amplified by front page spin-doctors, the EU has been remarkably consistent.

EU equanimity may be more to do with the simplicity of the position than any unusual maturity among EU27 leaders. The negotiations have a simple defining flashpoint. There’s little room for different motives to come into play. Whatever the posturing there’s an unavoidable, undeniable place where Brexit rubber meets the Reality road: the Irish border.

The Irish Question was at the forefront of British politics a century ago and it’s back with a vengeance today. It has been “resolved” for long periods of time but bubbles up under conditions the UK seems unwilling or unable to prevent. The Irish Question comes to the fore whenever the UK acts with Imperial high-handedness, escalating in violence if Britain refuses to step back from abusive entitlement (in whatever form) until public opinion in the UK forces the government to reverse sociopathic foreign policy. It’s amazing to find this pattern repeated in 2019.

Britain has a lamentable history with Ireland – culminating in the export of Scottish protestants to Ulster in the 19th Century and Home Rule Partition in the 20th – but in an irony that’s risible it’s so undeserved, this very divide-and-rule cynicism in the late 1940s, aimed at making a pig’s breakfast of the island of Ireland post-partition, is coming to the rescue of the United Kingdom in 2019. What’s more, the evil British act is today a perfect object lesson in geopolitical reality over nationalist fantasy.

Centuries of sectarian violence, perpetuated by Partition and Britain’s continued cavalier militarism in Ulster, finally came to an end with the Good Friday Agreement in 1998. Signed by the Blair government, it was only possible to reconcile the opposing views because of Thatcher’s single market customs union. The frictionless trade and common economic policy of the evolving EU had allowed the peaceful removal of the border between the UK and Ireland, the only land border between Britain and the EU.

Ireland made concessions to the bigger power, accepting the Common Travel Area and eschewing a full place in Schengen. No border meant no need for a united Ireland. No border meant no need for armed forces at the checkpoints. No border meant free movement of the Irish people north and south. The Good Friday Agreement enshrined all of this. Small wonder it won the Nobel Peace Prize for its ornery signatories.

It passed unnoticed at the time but Brexit has brought the reality into sharp focus: the Good Friday Agreement and peace in Ireland could not have been achieved without the European Union memberships superseding regional division.

For all the fire and brimstone partisanship of the loyalists (now the DUP) and the foxhole guerrilla tradition of the RA (now Sinn Fein) the Belfast peace accords signed in 1998 were signed unconditionally by all parties.

Balancing the mutual respect for national sovereignty within the context of a transnational union making borders unnecessary was one of the EU’s greatest aspirations and has become its most enduring proofs of concept.

The single market hadn’t only brought about the peace process; it made peace the path of least resistance, the default. It ended the violence and allowed peace in the island of Ireland. Nothing else could have brought the protagonists to the solution.


There can be no return of a border in Ireland. Nobody wants a return to terrorism and perpetual conflict. This is enshrined in the Good Friday Agreement and irrevocably woven into the Irish Constitution.

There can be no break up of the United Kingdom that looks to sever Ulster from the mainland and sell the Unionists down the river. This would be a betrayal of millions and would set in motion a domino effect that puts the whole Union at risk.

The Good Friday Agreement must be honoured because it puts in clear terms the only reality possible for peace in Ireland; not because it chooses one particular solution from many. It was agreed by sworn enemies, a rare paradigm of “everybody wins”.


Do you as an individual voter care about making a choice that condemns millions of Irish and British citizens to a violent degraded future, by throwing up a border or selling out Northern Ireland’s sovereignty?

Do you as an individual voter choose to face this choice without flinching and let these undisputed facts define the subsequent possibilities of your own political position? If not, you’re trying to deny reality. This is a path with no destination except  a coming day of reckoning; whatever capital you might enjoy in the short term.

It’s irresponsible and playing fast and loose with your fellow human beings, to try to evade this simple truth.

In 2016, it could be argued, most hadn’t considered these points in detail and that few of us realised certain facts were irreconcilable.

There’s nothing criminal, after all, in voting against treaties that imposed limits on the freedom of the British government to act any way it wants; nor in voting against continuing to subsidize far away peoples at the expense of those close to home.

But that was then and this is now.

Today there’s no excuse for not knowing the consequences of a choice that stands in opposition to the material truth of the real world.


It’s no use blaming intransigence in Brussels or Dublin. All they’re doing is following the only path available, given the circumstances. They’re not so much holding their nerve as dealing with the facts.

The House of Commons isn’t to blame for refusing to enable a government whose own “red lines” fly in the face of reality.

The Brexit Tories aren’t to blame, in this instance, for voting not to break up the United Kingdom; whatever opinion you might have on their overall strategy.

In the end, the duty of care lies with the government and the voter.

Passions rise in Westminster because Brexit is a failure in this duty of care.


Remainers are so motivated against Brexit, even to the unusual extent of refusing to accept the referendum result, because it strikes at something more fundamental than democracy. It’s a polarisation between those who’re prepared to face reality and those who choose fantasy – ants versus grasshoppers, but with the grasshoppers forcing their choice on all the ants too.

More than anything else, though, the core motivation driving hardcore Brexiteers versus most of their opponents is a question of human tolerance, caring about the future of one’s fellow citizens and refusing to choose what’s expedient over what’s right.

10th October 2017

The current culture fight between groups, people subsumed into a common identity and self-policing one another, and individuals, those who can’t or won’t submit to this world view and — by that one fact — must fight to hold their ground if ever coming up against a group’s public agenda.

Historically we’ve been through an unusually long period of individual freedom. Feudal meritocracy had its advantages and what with the Enlightenment and a non-landed middle class, the individual has had a long time in the sun. The advance and success of science and representative democracy have long been accepted as a proof this is the way human society should order itself.

Attempts to crush individual freedom under the violent heel of totalitarian rule have failed repeatedly, demonstrating both the strengths of democracy — least of all evils — and the limits of individual capability i.e. vast power is corrupting and impossible to keep in check.


The 20th Century was an individualistic century on the whole and we live in the shadow of its expectations and its cultural habits today in 2019. What’s worth thinking about, however, is the standout exception from the last century; the first sociologically mature manifestation of group power dynamics and how it asserted its identity power against those perceived as enemies of the majority. It goes without saying this is the Nazis in Germany during the 1930s.

Untermensch thinking: it’s us versus them, we matter, they’re inferior, we are individuals, they are all the same. Mass propaganda. Group identities: people subordinated to a perverse reciprocity of conformist behaviour, training each other to a definition of excellence that’s synonymous with homogeny. Outliers, cast outs, divergent personalities: these abominations soon find themselves hiding their true selves and often forced to emigrate, voluntarily (or forcibly) excluded from the group. It’s a case of individuality facing a mob that increasingly resembles a machine.

Indeed, Nazi Germany’s paradigm for Germany was a mass-assembled Aryan macro-organism, working under direction to fight a World War. Individuals become gremlins, bugs to be squashed without mercy. It doesn’t take long for untermensch thinking to grow ambitious, targeting whole minorities with the same merciless exclupation as the only efficient solution. Six million Jews were enough to justify the Nazi conceit it was the “final solution”.

America’s bankrupt victory, fear mass control, money dominating, tin horn patriot turned to a compliment. The seeds of today were sewn 50 years ago. Flag waving American identity rarely challenged — once because you’d have to be an asshole to cuss individuals and there was no group identity. The props got appropriated and they’re the same today. The use is utterly changed.

Not so shocking the slow decreasing hold of the Republicans has driven them to push harder on proven tactics for mob control. Trump is the latest manifestation. Fertile ground. The left had previously understood this was not a good button to push but the most extreme leftists like Antifa were less principled. They seized on the territory least contested: minorities. They pressed home their drive for a share of power by making up for less numbers with greater commitment; and this means more absolute rigid rulesets for the group identity violently enforced.

America is a nation fighting the latest battle in a war for what the country means. It’s either the uniform march of huge populationd, grouped by identity but united under a flag and a nationalism that makes what’s decreed American automatically what’s right. Or it returns for the pre-Cold War meaning: an escape from nationalism and countries with flags and kings and dictators and cultural serfdom. That’s what people fled from. America was a beacon of freedom not because you could get rich but because you could live free. The profit motive in the American dream became a useful later addition, in part to sell the consumerism of the 50s and after.


This battle for the American heart is the fuel stoked by left and right, one group versus another. The details are worth looking into, especially with the Left where the Ubermensch is a diverse spectrum of flags. But at root it’s not going to be a solution to simply satisfy today’s demands of a particular Left group (bathrooms for trans) or to make the Right less jingoistic by them being a little richer in their day to day life. These are symptoms. Maybe solving them will buy time but it isn’t doing surgery on the causes.

Social media is also not the cause. It’s an incubator for diseased thinking certainly but shutting down or censoring social media won’t solve things either.

American becoming hijacked by post-war narcissism is the infection that’s gone viral. The bigger the population the less each individual can be empowered in a firsthand way yet this leaves a vacuum for a brain taught it’s exceptional. Right wing working class losing quality of life and powerless in a confusing world — what medicine for the narcissist but flags and guns? Left wing minority identities liberated by the cultural upper hand asserts itself violently to express the self same narcissism. You might be queer but in a group strength can be found.

Who’s the easiest target for groups driven to express this narcissism? Individuals. Their very existence undermines the choice by questioning it. Their weakness can be exploited for fear their strength might be allowed to expose the group conceit, whichever ones a specific group has used for its flag colours.

Free America from the corrupted appropriated America it has been forced to represent. Understand the extent of this perversion, turning one of the most beautiful real-world embodiments of nationhood into a vast mechanism for exploitation, crowd management and mass subjegation. Look no further than Roosevelt’s suppressed Second Bill Of Rights (per State of the Union address in 1944) at This was the just reward for the returning heroes, victorious in Europe and the Pacific, defending America and the free world from the menace of fascism and imperialist ambition.

Roosevelt’s death and the entrenched interests controlling Congress shredded the Second Bill Of Rights and buried Roosevelt’s speech for decades. A choice was made. It was a choice that sold out the American people and sold them Cold War fear and communist conspiracies instead. This tragedy has been playing out this past 60–70 years and we have yet to reach its denouement. The Left versus Right culture wars, the resentful self-harm of the Midwest, the organised extremism of the religious heartland: all of these are symptoms, not causes. Misguided, yes, understandably so. How do we haul the needle back to 1944 and to Roosevelt’s simple blueprint of fundamental equality, with so many obstacles and misconceptions in the way?

Kill the narcissism in the American neo-identity.

Expose the bullshit in exceptionalism and ironically you fatally undermine the groups. It’s a fantasy exceptionalism, at best a case of unearned pride on the shoulders of silent generation sacrifice and heroism.

Individualism must come from reality not fantasy. If mustn’t be propped by some new set of conceits because eventually these will be exposed and forced into active hypocrisy to stay self-important enough to satisfy the narcissistic parasite.

Don’t tell me what it means to be American. Shoot yourself if you talk in terms of unAmerican. There’s few things more depressing then self congratulatory liberals railing against the groups and touting the importance of individual nuance; then as if too outlier for comfort, move on to letting play the same narcissism by “we” and America and lucky and greatness. It isn’t true and the fantasy is something an intelligent outlier is criminal to indulge. Moreover if they can’t escape the coarse narcissistic conditioning what hope the rest of the United States and what fucking right do they have to trash talk identity politics or Antifa or MAGA or Trumpkins.

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Most people are passive, towing the party line of their tribe, blind to its hypocrisy. This feels anti-individual and often it's false. Ubercynic isn't tribal. Ubercynic is honest though often in the wrong. Ubercynicism can alienate, but at least it's not hypocrites.

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