The media love to build up Trump as a great campaigner and on CNN tonight, much talk about what a formidable villain he is going to be when November rolls around. Truth is, he lost the popular vote and Hilary Clinton was a singularly unpopular opponent who failed to motivate the very swing voters who’d swept Obama into office in 2008 and 2012. There’s something suspect about Democrat candidates talking predominately about Trump. Cite him, sure, revile him, definitely, but then move onto policy – expose GOP corruption, throw the spotlight on exactly how things can change and what needs to be done. Not empty bullshit like “America can do anything” but nuts and bolts like “Corporations tax hike reversed, fund free public colleges”.

The field of candidates is better than in 2016. Hilary Clinton pervaded like an entitled smog, suffocating opposing candidates and clearing the deck so only Bernie Sanders stood up with an alternative vision to continuity crony capitalism. The DNC had to cheat to propel Clinton to the nomination, however, and though she was beaten by Trump, there will inevitably be lingering resentment against Sanders. It’s always tempting to blame others for “not doing enough” but it’s rarely accurate and NEVER helpful. Physician heal thyself as the old fable goes.

The resentment against Sanders won’t factor much among the actual voters but, those sections of the political commentariat who’d bet everything on supporting Hilary will redouble their efforts to bring up Sanders undermining Hilary’s campaign. They’ll be highlighting every possible fault and bending every possible misinterpretation to undermine Sanders. CNN is a good litmus for “business as usual” corporate Democrats. They are wholly behind Elizabeth Warren.

Perhaps with good reason the centrist media backs Warren as the 2020 Hilary Clinton. The debate tonight was revealing of few things we didn’t know already but the extent of Warren’s ambition has been laid bare recently, with the manufactured furore over claims Bernie Sanders is sexist. Warren knows she could dispel this nonsense but it serves her Presidential campaign to gently encourage it. Some will say this is politics, a dirty business, a winner takes all game, etc. This shouldn’t be. We’ve allowed grasping ambition a pass for too long, at the expense of honesty and selfless public service. Trump is greed made manifest. Warren showing herself cut from the same cloth is a strong reason to hope she doesn’t win the nomination.

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Most people are passive, towing the party line of their tribe, blind to its hypocrisy. This feels anti-individual and often it's false. Ubercynics try not to act tribal. Ubercynics try to be honest. Ubercynics alienate, but at least they're not hypocrites.

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