Corey Feldman is a screwed-up minor celebrity sociopath who needs attention and income to exist in the twisted world of show business lifers. But then so are many of the world’s favorite celebrities. It’s no crime to be a narcissist and probably an essential ingredient for successfully beating a path to fame in the Hollywood machine. Feld-dog is just a little uglier and more obvious about clinging to what remains of the public spotlight.

Whatever one’s opinion of Corey Feldman the adult, however, one should be sympathetic to the plight of the child. What’s more, abuse is abuse, rape is a crime with victims, however lowly the victims may place in a personality contest.

I don’t get why he didn’t put this out when Charlie Sheen was getting a million dollars an episode and #metoo was lynching anyone accused of anything. Was Sheen too powerful back then? Not powerful insofar as threatening to have Corey Feldman thrown out of Hollywood but powerful insofar as Feldman exposing Sheen would guarantee Sheen won’t offer Feldman any scraps of celebrity fame-and-influence; no job in Charlie’s latest project.

While Sheen was currency, Feldman contented himself with keeping the paedo-revelations on the simmer. Soon as Sheen fell from grace, Feld-dog got moving with his “documentary”. Keep in mind, by the way, the allegations Corey Feldman makes are probably true…

I reckon what leaves a bad taste is Feld-dog taking such pains to represent Haim as a deviant who also got physically abused. This isn’t the portrayal of sincere friendship nor does it quite fit with the quest for justice for Haim by a best friend honoring their past.

I got this weird sense Feld-dog’s real target here is Corey Haim, and Feld wants to make Haim’s memory ugly as revenge for Haim having been beautiful and getting all the attention next to Feldman who was ugly and often sidelined.

I could even imagine Feld-dog reacting to Sheen raping Haim with unspoken jealously – bizarre though that may sound – and in the end, it’s a perverse confirmation of Feldman is ugly, Haim is not. Charlie Sheen had chosen Lucas over Teddy in the most brutal and honest way.

It’s possible this instance was the defining moment for poor Corey Feldman, the worst of his fears come true. Luckily there’s a world of roleplay to get involved in – horror, outrage, disgust, disbelief, sympathy, power dynamics, public image crusading – to bury the radioactive core jealousy under layers of performance, faster than the core can eat its way through to the surface Corey.

Feldman is in a race against reality but one has to admire his chutzpah and his stubborn denial – it’s almost fortitude, except for the ignoble infantile ends – as he plays out the scenes of the day of his life with an objective and an eye on the prize. The scenes often fail and instead leave Feld-dog looking like a ridiculous hypocrite. Like a good showbiz kid, Corey self-parents a pep talk, indulges intimacy with a hooker, writes up some new rules for his household dependents and bounces back ready to give 110% to the next scene.

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