COMEDIANS IN CULTURE GETTING CBD – Bukowski’s Beautiful Eyes? Into That Good Night?

Joe Rogan Experience is one of the best podcasts. Period. Joe Rogan and Tom Segura are two of my favorite comedians. But, guys… Bukowski? Charles Bukowski?

Check out Bukowski’s “The Man With The Beautiful Eyes” and Dylan Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”.

These are Charles Bukowski in a nutshell. Give the guy a little credit. He knew his lifestyle was wild, existential and doomed. But he chose pathetic self-indulgent rage; a life lived dangerously, too close to the flame.

Joe Rogan and Tom Segura are amazing comics and great podcasters. Joe and Tom are also pros at life, keeping their shit together, holding firm against the chaos so everyone in their family circle is safe as is humanly possible. And… whatever snobs may say, stand-up comedy is an art form!

Charles Bukowski was a bipolar drunk. He abused himself for most of his adult years. He never stopped playing dice with the chaos, risking his own life. He may have loved and raged passionately but he kept no-one safe, quite the opposite. He was probably a nasty turd most of the time. That said, everybody grows old and weak and chaos wins eventually, whether we choose to play or not. We all die helpless in the end.

Bukowski’s name and the creations of his alcoholic brain outlived him and will outlive Joe and Tom. Bukowski will be speaking to hearts and minds of generations long after Joe Rogan and Tom Segura (and whoever’s reading this) are gone, mourned and forgotten.

It might not be a choice many would make, to live and create like Bukowski. Most of us would choose the Rogan Segura paradigm. But let’s also appreciate the wild drunk gambling with chaos is also making a choice and it’s not always a crazy or stupid way to use a human life. They all end the same way anyways.

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