This is an open-ended column. Every day we’ll be adding a new muckraker from the long list of muckrakers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Today’s muckrakers are almost all Millennials based in New York, California and London, though their numbers have infiltrated every media market in the Anglosphere.

Some muckrakers are honest muckrakers with legitimate aspirations and plenty of real journalistic skill. Some are bottom-feeders, playing out the bitterness of childhood in a craven, poisonous jihad against talent. Most are simply following the zeitgeist and their local cultural inertia.

There are a few public nexus for muckrakers and a few dozen private club cabals less easy to perceive. The muckraker nexus we’ve chosen for 2020 is the MUCK RACK. Good place to start.

MUCK RACK is a gutter journalist legitimizer, coordinating campaigns across new media, old media and social media. MUCK RACK members share common cause – i.e. no cause, except whichever cause is paying the wages – and coordination ensures MUCK RACK member voices are amplified and proliferated in a way that looks spontaneous and natural; and, by dint of crossmember support across the media landscape, the campaign’s goals can seem like a common cause with a plurality of votes in the right thinking zeitgeist.


  • Twitter: @beccastokes

Rebecca Jane Stokes, Senior Editor of Pop Culture for Newsweek. Woke journalist, media content writer, blogger and professional amplifier.

Rebecca Jane Stokes (twitter @beccastokes) is a writer living in Brooklyn, New York with her cats, Batman and Margot. She’s an experienced generalist with a passion for lifestyle, geek news, pop culture, and true crime.

Rebacca Jane Stokes began to contribute her voice as a blogger – semi-professional new media website content writer. She is now working as Senior Editor Pop Culture @ Newsweek. Newsweek is a well-established “mainstream” magazine. It has 3.4 million followers on its Twitter account as of April 2020.

Article in a feeder new media site pushing the “woke” agenda at the expense of an obscure, easy target comedian.


  • Twitter: @erinmdurkin (14.7K)
  • Email:
  • Instagram: @erinmdurkin (294)

Erin Durkin is a reporter for POLITICO New York and the co-author of New York Playbook. She has contributed to dozens of national media outlets including The Guardian, New York Daily News, Chicago Tribute and dozens of feeder and amplifier sites. She’s embedded in the New York Democratic Party machine, networking history in the offices of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg, plus New York borough and city councils.

Durkin is a member of MUCK RACK.

Erin M. Durkin knows her place: Bari Weiss handmaiden. Dad a deceased Captain in Boston Police. Lives in Hamilton Heights (Manhattan, West Harlem) with sister Chelsea and a jolly bearded garden gnome Jeff Gussow (@jeffgussow), a senior producer at the Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Archetypal New York soft-left liberals.

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