Mission Statement


Newslegion is a logos multimedia website with five distinct codex:

  1. Outside Edge polemics ‘blog’

  2. The Cultindex

  3. Podcasts ‘hub’

  4. Video Killed ‘archive’

  5. Round Table ‘forum’

Newslegion accepts submissions of original content, for collaboration, editing and constructive critique from our community of members.

Invitation-only access available on request for under construction sections: the logos “leagues” and the news cycle “carousel’“.


Outside Edge Blog Mission Statement

Newslegion’s polemics blog “Outside Edge” publishes zeitgeist content in one of its six categories, each category a different facet of the counter-narrative contrarian mandate Newslegion was set up to promote.



Pushing Back

“PUSHING BACK” means content written to try to not only expose some negative or detrimental socio-cultural phenomenon but give practical ideas how, as individuals, it might be possible to push back against it, to assert what’s better and nobler and more foresighted. So often we’re subjected to a news cycle full of negativity and outrage, faced with circumstances we know to be bullshit but can’t immediately say why or – most pertinently – can’t see a way to be part of the solution. “PUSHING BACK” tries to meet that shortfall.

“He who cannot draw on three thousand years is living from hand to mouth”

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


The “CONNOISSEUR” content is the most subjective articles on the Outside Edge ‘blog’ and makes no apologies for this! The purpose of this category is to freeform about some aspect of the world and reality, trying to differentiate the quality from the main bulk of crap that’s built up all across the spectrum of life experience. Think movies and we all know there’s some good, mostly bilge. Or restaurants and we know there’s haute cuisine and crappy frozen fast food. Or politics and there’s truly nuanced thought and disingenuous spin slogans. Or science and there’s peer-reviewed consistent theory and arrogant wishlist laws. “CONNOISSEUR” content publishes the findings of a particular contributor, hopefully of some worth to others, ideally accelerating a reader’s chase for expertise as the content lays out the legwork and the reader gets more quickly to the cutting edge; where all connoisseurship must ultimately lead.


“PERSPECTIVES” content tries to advocate – and explain – alternative angles on accepted received wisdom (of which there is so much, in our highly developed cultural landscape). Too often there’s accepted narrative lines followed slavishly by the mainstream media with alternate narrative lines followed just as disingenuously by ideological or echo-chamber outlier media. In reality it’s not so much the mainstream is wrong and the alternatives vainly crying for their truth to be heard, but both mainstream and alternative being sides of the same narrative coin. “PERSPECTIVES” attempts to explain the extant narrative and its goals and, if possible, throw a spotlight on ways to be mere ideological cannon fodder.


There’s an awful lot of nonsense in the world. Some of it is politically or ideologically motivated — deliberately encouraging confirmation bias or bandaging natural fissures in cognitive dissonance that might otherwise lead to exposing the nonsense for what it is. Politics, religion, in-group out-group fantasy by which people live their lives and blindly do evil in its service. “DEBUNKED” content tries to tackle this accumulation of cultural junk, shining a coruscating light on whatever is propping it up in the hope a little illumination will set in motion an individual’s artificially repressed bullshit detector; so it can play out freely and seek solutions that square objectively with the real world.


What are we but the world as represented in our minds? Sure, we take on board a lot of sensory data, parsed back and forth through our limbic systems, and there’s a correlation between what gets experienced (and stored in memory) and what’s actually happening in the world. If there was too much dissonance, we would’ve died out as a species long ago. That said, we live in the 21st century, in a world of complexity way beyond the simple savannah of our paleolithic minds, applying these evolved ‘fit for purpose’ methods to a reality that’s way too high fidelity not to need a lot of distillation before we’re able to process it at all. “MINDSCAPE” content focuses on this all-important distilling, processing and parsing. All the ills of the world begin, in some form, with parsing errors. Bad ideas are infectious. Bad ideas can go viral. The only antidote is truth and reality. “MINDSCAPE” attempts to expose the bad ideas, explain in a useful way the processes of the mind we must all contend with, and present new ways to evolve one’s parsing fidelity to better distill the real world and what’s true.

Blame Yourself

“BLAME YOURSELF” content is all about personal responsibility: not only is it insufficient to just cut through the bullshit of some prescribed opinion or refuse to follow the accepted narrative but too readily we absolve ourselves of falling into traps of confirmation bias and self-justifying groupthink. We’re quick to judge others, quicker to forgive ourselves falling short of the same standards. “BLAME YOURSELF” articles will typically shine a light on some aspect of society, culture, news or psychology, illustrate why it’s bad, then – most importantly – try to help understand how some culpability must be laid at our own doors. Knowing where we’re to blame for a thing is an excellent roadmap for personal action for the good, fixing ourselves and becoming a positive influence on the world.

Round Table Mission Statement

The “Round Table” forums of newslegion.com is a collaboration nexus of original content and participant critique, proofing, editorial suggestions, discussion and further collaborations. It’s where the accepted submissions made by Newslegion users get posted, so the contributing editors and permanent members can read/listen/watch and post constructive opinion as per content creator’s requested treatment. Content providers gain complete access to a forum built automatically around their own materials in which all associated reaction, critique and conversation gets collated.

Sapiens Cellar Mission Statement

The “Sapiens” section of newslegion.com is a closed-user group, secured with password protection. It’s accessible by all contributing editors and selected individuals admitted on a person by person basis after having secured unanimous assent from the existing active Newslegion members. “Sapiens” includes a members-only round table (see below) and a “Cellar” sub-section for long term materials and the archive of reaction, critique and conversation each piece of content has acquired.