Submission Round Table Policy

Newslegion’s services are free of charge.

Newslegion does not profit from the collaborations between editors/experts and content providers. Submission of materials does not imply consent to any change in content rights and likewise Newslegion services matched to submissions is an invitation to treat. Mutual assent by content provider and expert/editor is the only valid basis for formal collaboration.

Submissions, whether accepted or declined, place no obligation whatsoever on the creator and the content provider’s assent is required at each stage of the collaborative process. Site published materials can be displayed under the author’s chosen name (or handle) or anonymously under the aegis of the Magistrorum Ludi.

Newslegion can only accept submissions from the creator or the absolute copyright holder except in exceptional justifiable cases or unless content is demonstrably public domain e.g. something written hundreds of years ago.


Newslegion’s “round table” provides various services by contributing editors and members. All services are free of charge but depend on the availability of expertise and a fair usage policy followed by those requesting services for their content submission(s).

  • editorial review and overview

  • proof-reading including submission quality control

  • editor – writer collaborations

  • target demographic feedback, review and/or editing

  • catalyst and/or contrarian debate – content crucibles

NOTE: editors and members are proven contributors with excellent track records. Services are provided entirely for free but we can’t guarantee acceptance of submissions or the individual attention of a particular editor or member.


First: Submission Accepted

Welcome to the Round Table!

Newslegion matches content providers with content media outlets and content publishers. We provide an advisory, recommendation and introductions service. These services are provided by volunteers using established contacts and site credibility earned over time we take very seriously. Newslegion does not charge a fee for matching or recommendations. 

Successful submissions post to the secure “expert and editorial volunteers” carousel. Service proposals to fit requests made are posted in reply to submissions on the carousel. Follow-up instructions are provided to content provider and Newslegion volunteer. Submission is only considered assigned when all parties give their consent, at which point the content is taken off the services carousel. What happens next is entirely up to the newly connected collaborators.

Second: Round Table Placement

Submissions on the carousel are sub-divided by services required and tagged by subject and content. Newslegion expert volunteers will be able to browse carousel submissions and, once a match is made, a message is sent to the content provider. Should the content provider choose to assent to the expert volunteer proposal, the submitted materials and the service details will be removed from the submissions carousel.. The collaboration is established and it is up to the collaborators (content provider and expert volunteer) to define the next steps themselves.

Third: Submission Rights

Newslegion does not and will not impose an unwanted relationship or unnecessary constraints on content providers or expert volunteers or editors or any other collaborating participant. At no point is a contract established except by mutual or unanimous consent between all collaborators.

There is just one ‘rule’ the Newslegion will seek to enforce – and by enforcement, we mean exclusion from the Newslegion services and site with potential blacklisting of the transgressor. The one rule is simple: we at Newslegion are not interested in become involved with tribal propaganda, identity-delimited politics and/or adherents to some binary cause to the exclusion of civil debate. There is no place for unchallenged post-modernist axe grinding. This one rule is applied only rarely and will always be through consensus with an open, transparent explanation of Newslegion reasoning.