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   The Newslegion site  (https://   ) was launched in its present form on All Souls Night 2018.
The Newslegion site (https:// ) was launched in its present form on All Souls Night 2018.

Newslegion has hosted a forum for intelligent critique since its inception in 2016 and in early autumn 2018 this was evolved from Closed User Group to public (by invitation) round table forums. The round table forums allow participants to work through creative materials, collaborating to hone content on the whetstone of forthright but well-intentioned discourse. Newslegion ultimately plays springboard to launch original creative works onto frontline of online and offline media.

Newslegion’s contributing editors have a particular interest in zeitgeist, contrarian or off-narrative content. The contributors are apolitical and core policy is to eschew any and all attempts to constrain authors/artists into prescribed lines of thought. Originality is ultimately more appealing than engineered excellence though needless to say, the writer/artist able to meet the demands of both will stand out even in a crowd of accomplished peers.

Newslegion can only accept submissions from the creator or the absolute copyright holder except in exceptional justifiable cases or unless content is demonstrably public domain e.g. something written hundreds of years ago or based on Creative Commons.

Newslegion’s “round table” provides services by contributing editors and members. All services are free of charge but depend on the availability of expertise and a fair usage policy for content submission(s). Access to the “round table” is by invitation only and invitations are extended based on “round table” policy. Use the ROUND TABLE POLICY button above to see details.

“Newslegion has only one caveat for submissions, content creators, editors and contributing members: authenticity. We’re not interested in cookie cutter plagarism, no matter how well crafted, nor can we get involved with disingenuous hit pieces or eloquent clickbait fake news/fake facts. Extreme views do not preclude being invited to the round table but prejudice has to, the former being built on good argument and sound presentation of facts – thus shifting it closer to an objectively reasonable position – while the latter, extreme or mainstream, has no basis in peer-verifiable fact or truth. This is boring and therefore no place at the Newslegion round table.”— Hans “Schlümpfe” Schmidt

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